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Tue., Mar. 25th, 6:30-10:00pm'ish in Fort Walton Beach starting a banana port, bottling oaked dark muscadine/pinot noir blend & sparkling mock moscato.

Aged special reserve wine will be shared in celebration of commencement.

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Welcome to Miller Cellars, LLC informational gateway to becoming the wine or hoochmaking, moneysaving consumer you have always wanted to be!

I can't believe that over 35 classes have been held since Oct. 23, 2012! If you were on my end, you would understand why I feel this to be a personal accomplishment.

A carboy of wine is about 50 pounds. Lifting it often is not recommended...word to the wise. Although, taking the awesome winemaking demonstration everywhere I could was quite an experience for me, meeting wine enthusiasts from all walks of life.

I admit I couldn't do all of this by myself. I have my daughter, Sara, to thank for the many times she delivered something that was missing during the class and hauling much of the heavy supplies. Thanks, sweet one, for giving me time.

I want to thank my husband, Bob, for not throwing my carboys into the creek.

I hope my students believe that I met my basic goal: to instruct any person, 21 years or older, to make fermented alcohol (yeast-based fermentation, no illegal distillation methods) using supplies common to most kitchens.

Each class I offered had unique tips, such as creating "high gravity" libations over 13.5% alcohol, reserving and reusing yeast and bartering ideas that will keep a winemaker perpetually stocked in FREE supplies.

What I will miss the most--the sparkle a new student gets in their eye when they realize they can do this craft and sharing some way awesome, one-of-a-kind wines with people from all over the U.S.

Next project: an Emerald Coast winemakers society comprised of sharing, inspiring and mentoring winemakers of all specialties. Can't wait!! So March 25th, 2014, will be the last of these instructional classes.

A special thanks to the Golden Age Club and the Crestview Knights of Columbus. I couldn't have done this without you, Ed, Jim and Mike.


Lynn Miller
Country Wine Vintner

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